Aug 02


The air is electric, time still ticks unbeknownst to us. We’ll go with it. You’ll know soon enough.

Jul 02


The first headliner show was fun. Thank you to all who came out. Exciting things are in the works with ATP. We’re progressing nicely with the recording process, and should have a new tune for you guys here in a week or so. Don’t go sinking ships…


Jun 14


"Good things take time, great things can happen all at once…"

Jun 09


We’ll be playing at Sidekicks Saloon tomorrow at 9:40 to 10:15 pm located at 92nd and Bryant. Tell your friends, and come support your local music!!

Jun 09


Back in action w/ 2 new songs. Pushing boundaries in more ways than one. Pictures and vid to come soon…


Jun 06


Coming into the week with a new practice schedule and a new mindset. Cool things in the works.


Jun 05

6/4/11: Lyrics From A New Song

"Could you shed some light?

If you will explain to me the inner workings of your circle…

And how you built such a lovely bomb?

Out of sight and out of mind right?

Don’t you know that I’m made up of familiar places…

And all the things you’ll never know?”

Jun 04
The Band

The Band